11 Lessons The Last 5 Years Taught Me

January 10, 2020

My mentor suggested I review the past 5 years and I am glad he did — it was an eye opener and a perspective shifter! Indeed, we humans find it hard to connect the dots and tend to forget the cause and effect web that floats through our lives.

I will spare you all the details which took my pen several pages to express itself and simply deliver the conclusions drawn from the pages. I hope it helps and most importantly that it tempts you to do the same with your own past 5 years!

LESSON 1: Learn to ask yourself & others powerful and empowering questions.

LESSON 2: Keep learning and stay curious as we are engineered to constantly evolve.

LESSON 3: Challenges help you become resilient as well as connect with a deeper part of yourself.

LESSON 4: Keep being creative and realise that both failure and success are indeed precious feedback for what life wants from and for you.

LESSON 5: Listen 10x more than you speak, and then reflect on what you hear to maximise your understanding & learning curve.

LESSON 6: Know what you deeply want and go after it, even if it scares you. You can fail at the things you don’t want to do, so dream big and go after those dreams (but make sure they are yours).

LESSON 7: It’s never a fail until you quit.

LESSON 8: You can do anything but not everything. 

LESSON 9: Master human nature and work on your limitations, old traumas and wounds so they don’t make decisions for you.

LESSON 10: Don’t take the seemingly good or bad for granted. You are a river, not a pond.

LESSON 11: Develop self-awareness so your subconscious mind can support your conscious choices.