A Simple Guide To THIRD EAR

February 28, 2018


My meditation genie asks you 3 questions- how much time you have, your activity/mood of the moment, and whether you’d like to be guided by instrumental sounds, spoken words or both. This will help everyone, regardless of our experience. It’s just nice to have someone choose for us.


You can’t turn it but it may give your sense of perception a spin! It’s a truly original but also efficient mindfulness program that serves you a new mindfulness exercise each day no longer than 3 minutes for 8 weeks which is more or less the equivalent of a 2h30 movie in time. I created it so that an effortless sense of mindfulness can slowly be brought into your daily life, an everyday companion which walks and flies by your side through each step of your soundful journey.


This meditation library is all about instrumental sounds. Here you can not only access all the gong sound baths, tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, ocean drums, conch shells, overtone singing & chants of mantras,etc, but also make playlists!

Sound was a crucial ingredient in my own mindful journey over the years. My genie sources his choices from here so you never miss out.


This is your tool box. You can ask me questions related to your own journey and experiences. I’ll eventually be doing a monthly video, sometimes live, going over questions and thoughts sent to me by you!

Every so often, you’ll find a different insight into what meditation may or may not be, in my opinion. And of course, there is your tip of the week every Sunday, which I personally always look forward to composing for you!

• WHY meditate with THIRD EAR ?

THIRD EAR is the first meditation app which offers meditation through Sound, as well as Breathwork and Mindfulness. The app combines 4 of the most efficient ways of meditating with exceptionally high quality instrumental sounds which can help you gain daily perspective, as well as shift thinking habits and unwanted behavioral patterns. I wanted this app to give you a real experience of meditation is like, so that you can effortlessly reproduce it at will when your phone isn’t available : )


THIRD EAR is a realisation come true for me as a teacher as well as a passionate meditator. It’s something that I wanted but I could not find anywhere, so I decided to make it myself! It currently presents itself as the meditation app you know but is going to evolve and take many different shapes over time.


• HOW should/can I meditate with THIRD EAR ?

I would recommend you try all kinds of combinations. Find something that works for you and then mix it up before it becomes a habit. 1x session in the morning (any length of time) — 1x session halfway through the day (short session) — 1x session before bedtime (any length of time).


• WHEN should/can I use THIRD EAR ?

I personally use it when I am travelling or getting from one yoga studio to the other (I am lucky, I get to be driven around town and countries so I can entirely focus or relax as I please). Please avoid using the app to relax when you are at the wheel or doing anything that requires your full attention. Although anytime is fine, I would encourage you to try and do it every day more or less at the same time so that you don’t have to make too many choices.


• WHERE should/can I use THIRD EAR ?

Anywhere works! Each location will contribute towards a slightly different experience. Let me know where you use THIRD EAR via social media @THIRDEAR_

I like it on the plane, at home in bed, walking in the woods, on the tube and at the end of a yoga class or during a massage.



Here are two of my favourite ways to keep a meditation routine going:

Combine your THIRD EAR meditations with another activity, which either precedes or takes place right afterwards. It could be making a juice, washing your hair, or heading off to work for instance.

Meditate with THIRD EAR at the same time every morning or evening, even for just a few minutes. The same timing as well the daily repetition help your brain to befriend the practice which supports your mindful living.