Meditation is known to assist individuals in coping with stress-induced dis-ease as well as relaxing through changes in our brain activity, and heart coherence and respiratory movements. It is also known to reduce the pain reflex and change the way we perceive the world around us and thus how we react to what unfolds within external and internal world. That in itself can transform people’s mindset and outlook from an anxious state to one of grounded calmness; allowing us to approach life with a more positive, creative and can-do attitude where problems are only seen as challenges and opportunities to do good and even better. However, not everyone finds meditation accessible, especially not in the modern world where we are beset by demands on our time, our thoughts and our emotions. Sessions offering gong meditation London wide and beyond use sound as a way to help people tune into their own signal and discard the noise which occupies 99% of the space we live in today. Meditation through sound does that by inducing a state of deep relaxation from which it is far easier to access other states of consciousness such as theta and gamma states. During sound healing meditation London wide, the sound of the gongs, bowls and voices surrounds you and resonates within your bones and the 65% of water that you are made of. These experiences enable you to experience a deep state of awareness instead of trying to teach you it, which Leo finds doesn’t make sense, indeed he believes mindfulness shouldn’t be practiced but instead can be experienced as a by-product of deeply powerful experiences one has during gong baths and other life defining experiences such as far-away travels and immersions into different cultures as well as near-death experiences to name a few. “I have had the privilege of attending numerous gong baths conducted by Leo. The profound shift in physical and spiritual energy felt never ceases to amaze me.” — Paula C.


The best way to experience the benefits and how they might work for you is to try gong therapy for yourself. With sound trending like few other modalities, it is crucial to know that there are increasing numbers of practitioners of sound meditation in London and beyond who sadly have only and just taken a 3-day course. We thus recommend you are cautious about choosing the right practitioner so you invest your time and energy carefully. Look for a practitioner who has plenty of experience in the art of sound meditation for a start. Seek out testimonials from individuals and companies that the practitioner has worked with; not just on their own website but from independent sources. Was he or she professional and credible, and did they genuinely deliver results for clients? Another indicator of a practitioner who is both knowledgeable and can demonstrate the benefits their work offers is that they have made their practices more widely accessible through books and other tools, so anyone can take part. But again, experiencing one or more sessions will be the best measure of whether gong bath therapy will work for you. “Leo is extremely talented at what he does. He combines an variety of instruments, sounds, crescendo and decrescendo which leave you glued to your yoga mat. It’s quite a unique experience and one which you will want to repeat as soon as possible!” —Lauren F.


Bathing in sound whilst lying down on the floor gives you the chance to single task and to do no-thing else, which altogether has become a rarity in this day and age where most of us feel time-poor. Although newspapers and magazines like to think of meditating through the sound of gongs, bowls, voices, chimes, etc as a new trend, this powerful type of sound therapy actually has been around for thousands of years, from its early origins in Ancient Greece and South East Asia. While research into how and why the therapy works today is in its early stages, there is no denying the testimonies of the thousands of individuals who have been helped to reduce their stress, boost their sense of creativity and change their perspective on life through sound bath meditation London with Leo Cosendai. “What an amazing experience! Leo takes you on a journey through time, space and self and back again – would highly recommend, especially if struggling with anxiety and/or addiction.” — Max C.


At Leo Cosendai – Sound Bath, we aim to make our work available to anyone who wants to give sound therapy a try. While we run many workshops offering gong meditation London based, we know not everyone can attend in the capital. Leo has therefore prepared a sound meditation app to allow anyone to experience the many benefits, wherever they are in the world. You can read more about Leo, his work and what gong baths could do for you on the website at If you have questions, please do email the team at and or give us a call on 020 34755276. “I can’t imagine my life without meditation, gong baths and sound healing…. thanks to Leo for his AMAZING gong baths, healing and supportive app.” —Eva W.