Sound Bath Meditation London



Why is it that so many Fortune 500 companies now invest in the mental health of their talent? Well, there is no right answer, only yours; however, as discussed during his interview on BBC World News Business, Leo knows that burn out, poor productivity, unconscious communication, sustained sick leave, physical and mental dis-ease, low self-esteem, lack of empathy and high turnover are EVERY company’s — big or small — worst enemy.

For every employee that suffers 1x

Your company suffers 10x

With a roster of clients including Google, L’Oreal, Maison Margiela, Nobu Hotels, Facebook, Adidas, Lululemon, WeWork, Octopus Group, Warner Bros, Natural History Museum, Vogue, and Proenza Schouler, we know how to spot and solve the invisible problems that slow your growth down – creating unwanted friction like a stick in your wheel.

Sound baths are the future of meditation; the answer to the virulent growth of new stress strains, in a world where mindfulness techniques are now obsolete. 

Investing in your talent with a bespoke strategy not only generate a high ROI yes, it but also sends out a clear message both internally and externally that you truly care. More than ever today, people talk. Help them talk about you the way you would. 


“I’ve had rave reviews. Thank you so much for running such a great session. We hope to get you back in very soon.” —Facebook

“Leo is incredible at his skill and his meditation session really was how we imagined it, so we couldn’t have asked for more.” —L’Oreal

“Thank you so much Leo, the team had a spell-binding time with you.” —The Octopus Group

Your sound bath sessions were also the most highly rated sessions of the day 🙂 So once again thank you so much for everything. It was a huge success. —Google


It can take decades to learn to meditate and to reap the full benefits, but a sound bath offers much faster and deeper results both short and long-term. These experiences can create the ideal conditions for employees to enter a meditative state without them needing to know exactly how to do so, and that within the first session. The tones created by Leo’s instruments as well as his expert guidance can help shift someone’s brainwaves so that they exit tunnel vision and gain in lateral perspective. The mind can then more ably think and feel creatively, and obviously cope with stress and anxiety. Sound baths have also been found to increase focus and attention, increasing productivity and creativity.