You’ve asked so here they are: the tools, products and tricks I use to support my mind and body (full disclosure: I get paid to talk about certain products, but I will never advertise a product I don’t use myself):


Sleep is crucial, and blue light takes it off you. That’s right, blue light is artificial and bad. Add to that the fact that we spend 22+ hours a day indoors, and that we are realising how full natural spectrum light is key for a healthy body and min. 

I wear the RA optic glasses because their lenses are equalled by none, and they look good. Real good. 

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Infrared sauna at home without spending £10,000 – need I say more? You can fold it, easily clean it with 0 effort to keep it smelling good, and it makes you sweat bucket loads of toxins! I like to listen to a good podcast when I’m in my Higher Dose Infra-Red Sauna Blanket, I may even have the joovv red light behind my head at the same time. 

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HIGHER DOSE (PEMF + Infrared mat)

I am literally spending hours on it at the moment, my favourite mode is alpha waves and I put the IR on 3 so I get all the benefits of infrared without getting too much heat.

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Hands down the best turmeric and CBD brand out there – Zoe and Tom are an ethically driven couple who make magic together, with the help of amazing people in Sri Lanka. Their products are as clean as they get, and their intentions are pure and potent. My favourites are the CBD oil and their blends for sleep and immunity. 

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Quite simply the best infra-red light device out there. I use it once or twice a day – exposing my throat, face, chest, top of the head, and lower back has tremendously improved my skin, sleep quality, and overall health. 

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I am a lucky Green ultra owner which means I get to feel safe knowing the impact that wifi and 4g/5g signals can have on my mind and body are heavily mitigated. It’s also boosted my heart rate variability and it helps restructure poor water (most water out there unless you have direct access to a spring). 

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The app I made with my sister Julie Cosendai and my school friend Charles Vila. I use it myself and love it with headphones or high quality speakers that I put on the floor for extra vibrations!

Download it on apple:

Download it on google:


Short kundalini yoga set 1:

Short kundalini yoga set 2:

Short yoga routine: 3 minutes of squatting + 5 minutes of downward dog + 5 minutes of bow pose + 3 minutes of shoulder stand + 3 minutes of camel pose + 2 minutes of child’s pose + 3 minutes of head stand