One-on-One Bespoke Meditation


This single 60-minute Zoom Session with Leo Cosendai is perfect for those who want to have an experience of meditation tailored around their personality and their life.

You will get a recording of our session together which includes a meditation that you can take “home” with you and practice as often as you like.

*For your information: clients who get the most out of their session are those who take the questionnaire and do the preparatory work before our call. Please be sure to book the correct offering for you. Once purchased, refunds will not be given.

“It’s been a hec of a journey so far and I remember how you much you helped me out when I was in need. I look back at that time with immense gratitude for your generosity in helping me get to my happy place.” -Morag

My team will be in touch by email to schedule your session as soon as your order is confirmed.