Switching The Light On – By My Spiritual diet

August 27, 2018

To switch on the light inside of us we have to understand that our light lies within every single thing and around every cell of our body – it’s our consciousness. We then have to understand our consciousness is something that is bigger than what our human mind can comprehend, it’s intangible. Our consciousness, light whatever you want to call it is our way, our teacher that guides us back to our soul, our immortal selves. The more we align ourselves and choose to direct ourselves to the light switch, the more we brighten and shine our individuality, presence, and love in this world. Switching on the light assists us in becoming more aware of our thought patterns, our actions and the energy we put into changing, so the control is in our hands to create the life we want to live in. This light, this consciousness, is made up of an energy that is filled with all our emotions and thoughts throughout the entire universe. It’s infinite. It’s that familiarity you feel when you have made an instant connection with someone, countries you have been too, goals you have achieved, difficulties you have experienced, the wisdom you have gained, the lessons you’ve learnt, the love you have received and shared, the chaos in the world and the miraculous stories you have heard, and the list is endless. That’s because the light within us is endless.

So lets cut to chase, what do we to switch on the light within, now that we briefly have an idea of what the light is? The first thing we can do is try to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings. You can become more aware by answering the questions bellow:

What pushes your buttons?
What makes your heart sing?
How often do you find yourself judging someone’s behaviour?
How often have you shut the door on a project or an opportunity because you didn’t believe in yourself?
How often have you distant yourself from a person because you thought they didn’t meet your standards?
How often do you go out of your way to offer a helping hand?
How often do you make time for yourself?
How many times throughout the day do you take time to just breathe?
How often do you express your thoughts and opinions?
How many times have you run away from confrontation?
How often are you surrounding yourself with people that you truly care about or love? Who makes you happy.
How often are you striving to learn the lessons that enter our lives?
How often are we trying to break through our fears and worries instead of letting them sit and hover over our light within?


Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions, but that’s what a part of consciousness is, it’s questioning so we can become more aware of the impact we have in our life and everyone else’s.
When we continuously try to break through the layers of emotions that block us from reaching the best version of ourselves, we immediately SWITCH ON OUR LIGHT. When we learn and practice ways that we can open our heart and mind through being a beacon of love, WE SWITCH ON THE LIGHT When we align ourselves with the divinity and feel this overwhelming beautiful energy, through mediations, learning, walking in the park, helping and changing, WE SWITCH ON THE LIGHT. Directing ourselves to the light switch is the source of who we all are. Its the DNA of our existence. The more we work on expanding our consciousness and focus on making good changes then that’s how we as collective can impact the world by uniting the things that separate us through our light.


Post by Aiyah Maraka from My Spiritual Diet.